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Our team is committed to sourcing only the highest quality ingredients & THC extracts for our products, and use natural, organic, & local options whenever possible.

Hand Crafted THC Infused Gummies

Gemmies - 7x5mg THC Gemmies - 7x5mg THC
Pineapple - 100mg THC Pineapple - 100mg THC
Butterfly High - 400mg THC Butterfly High - 400mg THC
Fruit Salad 4x10mg Fruit Salad 4x10mg
Hidden Gems - 200mg THC Hidden Gems - 200mg THC
Happy Hour - 50mg THC Happy Hour - 50mg THC
Lucky Dice - 300mg THC Lucky Dice - 300mg THC
Rosebud - 800mg THC Rosebud - 800mg THC
Gemmies - 7x5mg THC
Fruit Salad 4x10mg
Happy Hour - 50mg THC
Pineapple - 100mg THC
Hidden Gems - 200mg THC
Lucky Dice - 300mg THC
Butterfly High - 400mg THC
Rosebud - 800mg THC
We use solvent-free THC Distillate, lab testing at no lower than 85% Delta 9 THC. The lack of impurities/residues left behind by solvents like butane, propane, CO2, & alcohol allow for a pure, clean, & effective high that comes in the convenient and great tasting form of any SeC infused gummy treat.

All our gummies are made with organic raw cane sugar and natural ingredients, as well as hand-crafted by our talented team of cooks, making every gummy visually unique and consistently delicious.

ArtisAnAl THC ConCentrAtes

Lunar Alchemy Budder Lunar Alchemy Budder
Lunar Alchemy Budder
Lunar Alchemy Budder is a small-batch style THC concentrate from Squamish BC, made with years of experience and care to yield a smokable that is strong, smooth, and flavourful.

Each batch of budder is numbered and lab tested in order to allow consumers the ability to view the THC breakdown of their specific purchased gram.

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60.04% THC; 0.65% CBD

70.32% THC; 0.76% CBD

For batch lab certificates please inquire to

Product Storage

Always remember to store any cannabis products well out of the reach of young children.
Our products should not be sold or given to persons under the age of 19.
All our infused gummy treats should be kept in their sealed packages and stored in a cool, dry place. If too warm or left out in the sun your treats will melt.
Keeping your gummies in a fridge (or freezer) is the best option for long term storage and will not affect the quality of your treats. However, be aware that frequently moving your gummies in & out of a cold storage option (fridge or freezer) will cause some condensation within the sealed package, which has the potential to compromise their longevity.

Your Lunar Alchemy Budder should always be stored in a cool, dry place and kept in its given jar with the lid screwed on. If you wish to transfer your budder to a different container/jar you may, but keep in mind that it must be air tight and resealable.
For long term storage you can choose to keep your budder in the fridge (or freezer) so long as it remains in some form of air tight container/jar.
If left in the freezer for an extended period of time your budder may experience some sweating while it thaws out.